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International Volleyball Club

International VC is a program which provides high level training to kids year round. Along with training, we are dedicated to teaching kids the intangible qualities of being an athlete including teamwork, competitiveness, discipline, self-motivation, and most importantly in our eyes being self-confidence. At all of our trainings our goals are to train the mind and body, creating a solid foundation for kids as they grow in sport and life. 

Our training is operated out of St. John's Preparatory High School in Astoria, Queens. The gym is comprised of two full volleyball courts and weight training gym. The goal of our programs  is to offer consistent training and as much exposure of the game to our athletes as possible. All of our programs strive to best prepare our athletes to successfully compete at the highest possible levels of volleyball at their age and beyond. We take great pride in our students becoming successful athletes and people in competitive environments.

We find the most qualified coaches who have themselves played, coached, and educated on the highest levels. Danial Levent is the founder and director of International VC. He has played collegiately, professionally, coached at the college, high school, and club levels. His goal as well as all coaches at the program is to give the most memorable, positive, educational, and competitive experience possible to our athletes.


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International Volleyball Club

Phone: 718.622.0032